Community service, are we right?

You’ve probably noticed that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, or find. Which makes sense, it comes with the territory of paying your debt to society.

There are all kinds of reasons that you could be asked to do community service.

  1. Maybe you need hours for college credit>
  2. Getting points off of your license for the DMV or MVA?
  3. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve gotten in trouble with the law somehow.

Finding community service hours near you can be daunting as well. Many times, you’re left to either google nonprofits in the area yourself, or you’re provided a list of nonprofits by the courts, filled with dozens of organizations, many of which are either unresponsive or even closed altogether.

What’s nice about doing community service with us, is the impact that you leave on the community that you’re serving.  With every person you drive home, you’re preventing someone from making a horrible mistake that could affect not only their life, but those around them.

In addition, with The Safe Ride Foundation you receive:

  • Five hours per evening
  • Weekend Shifts
  • Evening shifts
  • An official hours sheet and completion letter provided on our letterhead
  • And in many cases, a character witness that will appear in-person on your court date if your legal counsel feels it’s necessary.

We do all of this, because we try our darndest to look after you, the volunteer…. because the best gift that you can give any organization, is not your money, it’s your time.

You can volunteer with us today by clicking this link!