We hope that everyone enjoyed their week!
Here are two quick updates from the SOS Safe Ride program.

As the Frederick County bars have all gradually started to move back towards their regular 2:00AM closing time, SOS has now begun that process too… and starting June 1st we will be back to our normal operating hours of 9:30PM – 2:00AM | Thursday – Saturday!

Keep in mind, COVID protocol is still in place (masks/sanitizer/etc); and because the attendance/capacity/atmosphere at bars are still not completely back to normal, we may possibly close early on lower volume nights around 1:30AM. Short version: People are drinking again, but not exactly “partying” just yet, so we are keeping it pretty tame for now.

Also another exciting development behind the scenes:

Listen to our brand new Phone Menu next time you give us a call! Our new IVR system now makes it easier to direct your call to the Foundation and The SOS Program appropriately. Big thanks to our local partners for helping us make this change quickly and efficiently~

As of today, these new updates have now been implemented, and we will be back open this weekend!

Wrapping up, with Maryland’s COVID-19 restrictions slowly being lifted, we are very excited to return to our extended hours come June 1st and we hope that you are all excited to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel during these difficult times.

Take Care Everyone and We’ll See You this Weekend!