The Key City is loved for a number of reasons. The live music scene is unmatched, there are more craft breweries than there are coffee shops, and the morning commuter traffic goes in the OPPOSITE direction!

What’s even better is that Frederick is one of the most philanthropic towns in America; here are a few reasons why: 

  • Frederick uplifts businesses owned by women, POC, immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, and the deaf community 
  • Frederick County businesses partner with organizations like The United Way to provide children with school supplies each year 
  • $300,000+ has been raised for COVID-19 emergency relief grants in Frederick County 
  • Frederick has more Rotary clubs in one county than any place on the planet
  • We have a nonprofit for everything in this town. Homelessness, substance abuse, breast cancer awareness, and yes, even drunk driving prevention!
  • With nearly 400 members, Frederick has the largest Impact Club, and it’s not even close!

One of the non-profits in Frederick, MD that is committed to improving the well-being and safety of its citizens is The Safe Ride Foundation.

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